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 An interview with some of our 50+ and 60+ year old students  Over 50 and thinking of training jiu-jitsu? Many people say they'd love to learn, but shy away from it - telling us: “I’m too old” or “my body can’t handle that”. In this month’s blog, we interviewed a few of our long-time male and female SJJA members who are in their 50s and 60s to hear all about their

INTERVIEW WITH A PROFESSIONAL MMA FIGHTER SJJA’s newest professor, Sergio Fernandes, is a brazilian jiu jitsu black belt, capoeira professor and professional MMA fighter, and has trained across nine different martial arts disciplines throughout his lifetime. Read all about Sergio’s personal story and why he thinks Brazilian jiu jitsu is the most effective martial art for self defence. Tell us a bit about you: where were you born, and how did you

We sat down with some of SJJA’s kids coaches to hear why they think jiu-jitsu is so valuable for kids, along with their personal approach to teaching children. We also hear from a few parents of SJJA on how jiu-jitsu has positively impacted their children’s lives - in particular, their confidence, mentality, discipline and focus at school. Interview with SJJA's Kids Coaches Why do you think jiu jitsu is so great for

featuring SJJA’s coaches 1. EVERYONE IN SYDNEY IS DOING IT TOUGH RIGHT NOW THROUGHOUT THIS EXTENDED LOCKDOWN. WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING TO TRY TO STAY HEALTHY AND ACTIVE DURING THIS TIME? Bruno: I try to do a different activity every day, such as running, cycling, or weights in the garage. In terms of diet, I try to cook at home more often and think more consciously about what I eat. I

What is Jiu-jitsu and why is everyone talking about it? You’ve probably heard someone say jiu-jitsu is the best martial art and wondered why this is the case. Although Brazilian jiu-jitsu has been around since the 1920s, this martial art rose to prominence in the late 90s when the Gracie family created the UFC competition to prove that jiu-jitsu could defeat any other form of martial art – and they did!

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